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The healthcare system of the Mid North Coast and Northern NSW in under increasing pressure. Consistent with much of the Western World, the demand for healthcare services in the region is at levels previously unseen.

Population forecasts for the region, combined with global trends, indicate that the demand for healthcare services will continue to grow. Whereas the growth in demand for healthcare services shows no signs of slowing, the funding available to service the demand is under pressure.

Meeting the needs of the population in the region over the short, medium and long-term requires a collaborative approach that best utilises constrained resources while delivering appropriate and equitable health outcomes.


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Strong Partnerships

Working together to improve the health and wellbeing of the 520,000 people living on the North Coast.

Shared Investment

Working together to invest money more wisely for better outcomes, reducing duplication and waste.

Better Lives

Working together for a vision that will deliver local health and social system change to improve lives.

How Will It Help Us?

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Who's Involved?

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North Coast Collective (NCC) recognises the need for a collective and collaborative approach to understanding and improving health outcomes.

Initially a partnership between Healthy North Coast Ltd (delivering the PHN program on behalf of the Commonwealth) and both Mid North Coast LHD and Northern NSW LHD, NCC was developed as a cross-sectoral approach to optimising health outcomes in our region.

This shared approach involves joint planning and priority setting, shared resourcing, and a commitment to pursuing the best return on investment for health outcomes.

Mental health and alcohol and other drugs was an obvious starting point for our North Coast community

Mental Health and Alcohol and Other Drugs are a particular focus for our community

The impact of Mental Health and Alcohol and Other Drugs is very significant for the people living on the Mid North Coast and in Northern NSW.

In late 2018, a critical examination of our performance in the commissioning and management of services for Mental Health and Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) was undertaken. This uncovered key shortcomings and shone a light on the opportunity to improve the way we are funding mental health and AOD services in our region.

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