Cross sector approach

As part of our cross sector approach, the North Coast Collective has adopted a collective impact methodology. This is reflected by the NSW Department of Education being one of our members.

Coordinating with other sectors

Unfortunately, we have been working largely in isolation. Our service sectors attempt to optimise their programs to meet community needs but, we must acknowledge, these needs may be better met through an ‘upstream’ response or in coordination with other sectors. 

Even when delivering ‘best practice’ programming, we may be unable to provide joined-up services which consumers can navigate and which result in optimal population health and wellness. 

nsw education logoAn innovative cross-sectoral approach is required. Partnering with the NSW Department of Education will direct some of the vast resources we collectively hold to improve return on investment. Through better targeted investment, benefits will not be limited to health outcomes alone. More broadly, we will also be contributing to:  

These outcomes benefit our communities as a whole.