Talking about the North Coast Collective

A great introduction to regional commissioning and our vision for the North Coast collective through the eyes of our BHAG (big hairy audacious goal).

Understand why we need systems dynamic modelling to inform our health service planning and commissioning. 

Reducing youth suicide: systems modelling and simulation to guide targeted investments across the determinants –  BMC Medicine Journal 2021 

Sounding the alarm: a post-COVID-19 curve for suicide –  in conjunction with the Brain and Mind Centre at the University of Sydney, our system dynamic modelling (SDM), was applied to see the impact COVID-19 would have on suicide.

Supplementary material about the SDM details the model structure, intervention definitions and parameter assumptions. 

Norman Swan’s podcast for the Brain and Mind Centre, Flip the Clinic: the digital approach to mental health.

Our work on understanding and addressing mental health, alcohol and other drugs and celebration of regional partnership has been presented through the Centre for Healthcare Knowledge & Innovation.

Health Speak

North Coast Collective: a new shared vision for health care – was the cover story for the April 2019 edition of Health Speak, the voice for health professionals from Tweed to Port Macquarie.