NSW Ministry of Health

Collaborative commissioning is an accelerating initiative in NSW Health’s move to value-based healthcare.

Collaborative commissioning

Collaborative commissioning involves patient-centred co-commissioning groups who identify and prioritise local health needs. They also develop care pathways to improve patient and community outcomes. Collaborative commissioning addresses the gaps in patient care and embeds local accountability to ensure care is truly integrated for patients.

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A Patient Centred Co-commissioning Group (PCCG) drives change at the local level, to integrate care across all services and providers for patients. They are informed by a core partnership between local health districts and Primary Health Networks. 

PCCGs are accountable for improving health outcomes for the local population through balancing high priority local needs and maintaining a longer-term focus on ensuring appropriate care across all populations. This includes maximising the use of local resources.

This approach is often characterised by a ‘pathway focus’ and adopts a state-based governance as opposed to regional governance.