Rethinking Aged Care (Grattan)

Regional system managers

One of the recommendations from the Grattan Institute’s Rethinking Aged Care report is  to improve system management through decentralised governance. They propose 30 independent bodies to act as regional system managers for defined geographic areas across Australia. These local system managers would monitor quality, and enhance social participation and healthy ageing.

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Their new governance approach involves a clear role for the Australian Department of Health and a new Australian aged care commission, augmented by the network of regional system managers, that would take over some of the functions of the existing Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission. It suggests  PHNs could adopt this role.

Under the Grattan model, regional system managers would provide a localised and personalised role. They would hold providers directly accountable for their recommendations about care.

Regional system managers would coordinate and negotiate access to services for older Australians. They would monitor the system in their region, overseeing providers and commissioning new services where there is a gap in the market. They would help coordinate and integrate non-aged care services, including health care.